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Jacques Britz


What I remember about College is the practical side. Not only did you learn about things in class or a book, but you got the opportunity to implement it. There was a lot of focus to get students to serve in almost all the areas of community, from Kids , toddlers, teens, to the kitchen.


We were given speaking opportunities and afterwards had a session for reflection to see how we could improve. We also had weekends assisting where we could.



This has really helped me a lot, especially in my career today.





I remember the very first day at College, I was young and nervous. The lecturer opened with the first life lesson.  Look at your feet, you can only love somebody as you love yourself. You can hide away your feet easily and it can show whether you take care of yourself or not. Even now 14 years later, I hold on to that truth checking up on myself, keeping myself strong and emotionally healthy during difficult circumstances. They helped me, looking back at my past, to make informed decisions now so that I can know where I am going in the future. I discovered why God made me with my personality and why he gave me certain giftings for His purpose. I got a vision and was equipped with the skills I needed to run with that. A Godly Character was starting to take form in me. Looking back now, I am still applying the component life skills that I have learned in everyday life and the best of all – I am teaching it even to the little ones to grow up as strong, emotionally healthy adults.

I am truly thankful to be a part of the Gap Year family.




During my time at GI, I have been equipped with the skills and knowledge not just to survive but to be a victor in life. I learned what it meant to be a true servant. Deep in my heart and soul my entire being, deep in the core of myself, I came to know a real, living, Almighty Powerful God. A realization that God is more real than anything else in the world, and comfort to know that no matter what, God will never let me down. He will always show me the way. I have learned what it means to have the peace of God within you, and no matter what storms may come my way, that as long as I am at peace with God, together we will prevail and succeed. I have learned what it means to be a part of Christ’s family. Mostly the one thing I always carry in my heart and that has become something that I live by; is to strive for excellence (to go the extra mile without being asked and without expecting anything in return).


Konrad & Marjolein


GI Gap Year was great for me. I met the love of my life, I made life long friends. These years were some of the best years of my life. I wish I had listened more in the History and Prophecy classes, but I still have the notes. So I can go over them again. Our (Terry Prodromo and myself) classical missionary trip to the Beacon Isle in Plettenberg Bay still serves as a great testimony till this day. I recommend GI Gap Year very highly even though it attracts the wildest and weirdest people on the planet. Even Jesus came to the college for a few months.

Rhyan photo



I have heard a lot of people say that after they had a certain experience, read a specific book or attended some or other course, that their lives were impacted in a significant way. Well I can definitely say that I am one of those people.


I was 23 and I just came out of rehabilitation after being a substance abuser for about 6 years of my life. I used to work for one of the Top 5 best rated companies to work for in South Africa, I had a steady salary and nice car with all the bell’s and whistles. But unfortunately my substance abuse eventually destroyed everything good in my life and I was left with nothing. After rehab, I had no idea what to do with my life. I was lost and confused, but somehow deep inside me I knew that the only person who could help me was God. I decided to go to Gap Year. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! It was not always easy going, but the times of serving and helping in the community really worked out a lot of issues and hurts in my heart.  I become more mature and took responsibility for my own life.


During my 3 years at college, God started giving me innumerable dreams about what He has called me to do here on earth. These dreams helped me focus after college. But most importantly, I learnt to have an intimate relationship with my Lord, Saviour and Friend Jesus Christ. This relationship has carried me through the good and hard times of life. So, I can truly say that College radically changed my life!!

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