Generation Impact Offers

Gi Gap Year

Gi Gap Year forms part of our first year. It is very important to receive a solid foundation.

Identify your Gifts and Talents

We help students identify their natural gifts and talents as well as demonstrate how their unique combination works for them.

Career Path

This is where we take all of the elements and put them together for the student. A panel sit with each student and combine all the elements and give the student their purpose and career path that would best suite them based on their uniqueness.

Certificate Focus - 1st Year

This course helps the students discover what motivates them for life as well as what their individual drive is for life.

Diploma Focus - 2nd Year

Here we do formal personality, aptitude and field of interest testing in order to help the student discover more about themselves.

Degree Focus - 3rd Year

We identify the students learning style and help them understand how they retain information and better themselves.