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Gi Gap Year
Gi Gap Year doubles up as our first Year. Please click though to for a full detailed list of courses in our first year.
Gifting Development

We not only identify your gifting's but we start to develop them from day one. It is important that you practice as much as possible.


Generation Impact's curriculum and short courses are fully accepted and accredited by some International Universities. They will accept your studies if you wish to further your studies through them. We are not accredited with the  Council of Higher Education.

Certificate Focus - 1st Year

The first year (Gap Year) will identify your gifting and you will be established through Prophetic school, Prayer school, Power School and many more

Diploma Focus - 2nd Year

This year focuses intensely on you getting to know the Bible and know the Scriptures and developing your gifts.

Degree Focus - 3rd Year

This is the exciting year where we focus on your ministry gift and help start you get established in what you are meant to do for God.

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