Foundation Doctrines Part 2

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Foundation Doctrine


In this course we focus on the next three of the six Foundation Doctrines, and they are Laying on of Hands, Resurrection from the Dead, and Eternal Judgement. Laying on of Hands underlines the importance of laying hands on people for various reasons. For example, to bless, to heal, to receive the Holy Spirit. Resurrection from the Dead explains who will be resurrected, the resurrection of Christ, the order of resurrections, the nature of the resurrection of Christians, the nature of the resurrection of the unbeliever, and the Christian’s great goal. Eternal Judgement focuses on who the judge is, the principles of judgement, and the Seven Judgments themselves.


  • Know the Foundation Doctrines
  • Understand the importance of the laying on of hands
  • Know who gets resurrected
  • Know the resurrection of Christ
  • Understand the nature of the resurrection of Christians
  • Understand the nature of the resurrection of the unbeliever
  • Know the Christian’s great goal
  • Know what the Eternal Judgement is
  • Know the principles of judgement
  • Know what the Seven Judgments are

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  • Duration 6 hours
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$15.00 $10.00