Certificate in Ministry – Module 20

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This course examines the topic of abortion. We explain that God considers any unborn baby to be alive and that He considers the loss of that life to be murder. We explain that God created us in our mother’s womb and that life begins from conception. We discuss complacency – the areas and causes of complacency as well as how to overcome it. In this course we discuss the 2 ways in which you can lose your salvation. We elaborate on the consequences of turning away and deliberately practicing sin. We also discuss lukewarm Christians. This course also covers the topic of rejection. We discuss the root of rejection, where our identity is found, and the solution to overcoming rejection. We also explain what Sonship is – how we are adopted into God’s kingdom, our authority, our conduct, our inheritance, and the conditions for receiving rewards.


  • Know that God is against abortion and understand why
  • Know the areas and causes of complacency
  • Know how to overcome complacency
  • Know the 2 ways in which you can lose your salvation
  • Know what a lukewarm Christian is and the consequences of being lukewarm
  • Understand the root of rejection
  • Know where your identity is found
  • Know who you are in Christ
  • Know the solution to overcome rejection
  • Know what Sonship is
  • Understand your authority, conduct and inheritance
  • Know the conditions for receiving rewards

Course Features

  • Lectures 11
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 10 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 305
  • Assessments Yes