Certificate in Ministry – Module 11

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This course explains what the anointing is, how to operate in the anointing, and why we need the anointing. We also discuss The Cross in Me. We explain what it means to have a new nature, a new home (the Kingdom of God), a new Ruler and Lord, a new mind, and a new, deep and loving relationship with our heavenly Father. We explain how we have victory over the demonic and death. We examine the continual washing of sin and what is required of us today. This course also explains what an offense is, how it is used as bait and how it is a stumbling block to us. We also discuss the topic of faith versus fear. We explain what both faith and fear are and where they are rooted. We also discuss the power of the blessing. We give examples of blessings in Jesus’ life. We explain the concept of blessings and how blessings cancel out curses. We explain how to bless and why Fathers should bless their children.


  • Know what the anointing is and how to operate in it
  • Understand the cross in me – new nature, new mind, new home (Kingdom of God)
  • Understand continual washing of sin
  • Understand victory over demonic and death
  • Know the difference between faith and fear
  • Understand the power of the blessing
  • Know how to bless
  • Know why Fathers should bless their children

Course Features

  • Lectures 11
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 10 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 305
  • Assessments Yes