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Some Interesting Facts

...that most do not know about our ministry...

  • Have run Colleges since 1992
  • Have planted 3 Bible Colleges
  • Have phenomenal success rate in raising church planters
  • Have students ministering across the world
  • Have a gifting to provide Biblical Solutions to Natural problems
  • Created the core curriculum for Generation Impact Bible College
  • Host Revival Fire Conferences

Not so interesting

...but more obvious facts...

  • We are Dr Arthur and Janine Frost
  • Founders of Frost Ministry International
  • Senior Pastors of Father's Heart Church
  • Visionaries of Generation Impact Academic Institute
  • Have a passion for God's Word
  • Create every course that we present
  • Have a family that are all called into ministry


“Welcome's message is really going to change your life... ”

Dr Arthur Frost

“...there is no neutral in the Spirit. The Truth sets people free, so when you are behind the pulpit, are you setting them FREE or bringing them into a bondage. What is your message?”

Janine Frost

“...test 5... ”

...the students (past and present)...